Episode 2

Published on:

13th Jul 2023

GroundBreakers Episode 2 - Jacob Handsaker

Today, we’re talking to our second 2023 honouree: Jacob Handsaker of Hands-On Tiling and Excavating. Nominated by Jeremy Mulholland, Jacob has been widely recognized by a number of other professionals in the field for his efforts to push the industry forward, especially in Iowa. Jeremy described Jacob as being on the front edge of critical water quality practices such as installing multiple saturated buffers on Iowa fields through the state’s batch and build program. In partnering with the ADMC, the Iowa Agricultural Water Alliance, the NRCS and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Jacob has installed upwards of 50 saturated buffers, proving that one can get serious business done while also focusing on conservation and water quality.

This episode is brought to you by The Water Table, a Prinsco education initiative which supports the GroundBreakers program. The GroundBreakers will be back in two weeks to bring you more stories from our class of 2023.

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