Episode 2

Published on:

25th Jun 2023

IWCA Series: Heather Wilson

Saskatchewan-based Heather Wilson is a research scientist and program leader in the vaccine formulation and delivery group at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization, or VIDO. She’s also an adjunct professor at the University of Saskatchewan in the department of veterinary microbiology and the school of public health.

Nominated by Erin Gilchrist, Dr. Wilson’s nomination package focused on the reputation she’s been able to establish for her lab at VIDO, and the innovations she and her team have achieved together. She’s also helping guide others into the field and is described as a dedicated supervisor and mentor, having previously mentored or currently mentoring four post-doctoral fellows, four masters students, eight Ph D. Students, three technicians, four project students and a half-dozen summer students.

In this episode, Heather and agriculture editor Bree Rody discuss her views on leadership and mentorship, gaining the confidence to navigate tough processes such as grant-writing and networking and why it's important to recognize one's own strengths and weaknesses.

This episode is sponsored by John Deere. This series is sponsored by Bayer.

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