Episode 3

Published on:

19th May 2022

Top 4 Under 40: Jason Lanoue

Welcome to the third episode in our 2022 Top 4 Under 40 series. These three episodes will feature conversations with the winners of Fruit & Vegetable’s recent contest, which sought to recognize the industry’s young trailblazers.

Jason Lanoue ended up working in horticulture in a bit of a roundabout way. Initially going to the University of Guelph for biochemistry to be a doctor, he credits a timely opportunity and his experiences on his grandparents' farm with the switch to agriculture. In this episode, Fruit & Vegetable editor Alex Barnard and Lanoue, post-doctoral researcher and greenhouse scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, discuss technology in the greenhouse, bringing new approaches to old questions, and how people from any background should consider a career in agriculture.

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